Indian ATMS now work differently due to based Chip Debit/Credit Cards, see here how to use it in right way

In India, debit and credit cards now must have a chip in them. Cards without chip no longer work since January 1.

If you still have the old debit/credit card without the chip-based security essentially a card that has a magnetic strip bt cannot be called an EMV card. Then it will not work when inserted or swiped at an ATM or in a card reader at a shop.

Now Chip-based cards are mandatory India, ATMs have been calibrated to make use of the chip. Banks are also sending messages to customers telling them about the change. So Govt has upgraded the security features at our ATMs and Recyclers. Your card will be latched during the course of your transaction. Please remember to collect your card before you leave the ATM/Recycler.

How to use new ATMs in India with chip debit cards:

Earlier, at an ATM you would have done one of these things. 

  1. One, you will insert the card and then take it out. Then follow the instructions on the screen to withdraw money from the ATM.
  2.  You will insert the card, the ATM will swallow it and then after a few seconds, after reading the card, will push it out. you then follow instructions on the screen.
  3. The ATM will swallow the card and will keep it inside the machine until you have done your transaction.

 New Mechanism of using ATM is different. check below:

  1. To prevent users from removing the card and disrupting the transaction, ATM machines latches on to the card-in other words pins it down and holds it while the transaction is underway.
  2. The user is not supposed to remove the card while it latched on. If you try to remove the card, you will see that you need to apply some force because something is clamping down on the card.
  3. You will able to snatch the card, but the process may damage the card, particularly the chip portion of the debit/credit card.
  4. When the transaction is On, the ATM machine will show a RED LED light blinking in the card slot. This may depend on ATM to ATM. some may have it and others may not.
  5. After finishing the transaction is complete, the LED light turns GREEN.

NOTE: Don’t remove your card unless the light is green. When it is Red, removing the debit card may damage it or result in transaction failure.

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